A mile for MS

A sea of 90 walkers dressed in green descended on Aylesbury Town Centre to walk a mile for charity the Chilterns MS Centre. Many of the participants had multiple sclerosis (MS) so walking a mile was quite a challenge.

Mix96 breakfast show host Ben Moseby started off the walk recently with a countdown and accompanied the walkers along the route. The walk ended with space hoppers for children and those who wanted an extra challenge.

Walk the MS Mile is the centre’s largest annual awareness and fundraising event. During the past five years it has raised more than £114,000 to allow the centre to provide life-changing physical, practical and emotional support to people affected by MS.

After Julie broke her leg 11 months ago, the centre has not only helped Julie to recover some mobility, but also helps her to manager her MS symptoms through regular physiotherapy, oxygen and yoga.

She said: ‘I’ve always thought the walk was a brilliant idea but this is the first time I’ve been able to take part and support the centre.

‘It wasn’t easy but I received huge support from everyone who sponsored me and that spurred me to keep going, despite it being an exhausting achievement. If it wasn’t for the centre my recovery would have been even slower and I would have less mobility than I have now.’

The money raised will go towards the costs of providing the vital treatments at the centre on offer for free to anyone affected by MS. These include physiotherapy, complementary therapy, workshops and leisure groups to improve the overall wellbeing of people with MS and their families.

MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease with a wide range of symptoms. There is no cure yet, but many symptoms are eased with physio, hydro, oxygen, complementary and occupational therapies. The centre also believes in the emotional wellbeing of people affected by MS and offers additional services such as leisure groups, workshops and talks.

The walk was also supported by ESRI UK, Rumsey’s Chocolatiers and Tesco Tring Road. Local business support is vital to help the centre to fundraise and create awareness.

Donate via their website at chilternsmscentre.org/donate

Sally and Ben Moseby at the event.