Crowdfunding tips

Our Vale, Aylesbury Vale’s crowdfunding platform, has seen success throughout 2019 with a number of impressive community projects reaching and even surpassing fundraising targets. 

To celebrate these achievements and to encourage more people to get involved in 2020, Aylesbury Vale District Council and Spacehive are hosting a free, interactive workshop at The Gateway on Thursday 23 January, from 2pm to 3pm.

The workshop will explore how the initiative works and provide insightful tips and training on how to get community project ideas ready for crowdfunding.

It will also be an opportunity to hear about the successful projects, find out how to utilise the £200,000+ of funding available through the platform, as well as link up with like-minded people who want to transform the environment, inspire visitors and enhance Aylesbury Vale.

Register here to attend the free Our Vale Workshop.

Councillor Howard Mordue, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources said: ‘Already, AVDC’s Our Vale fund has pledged towards six fantastic community projects which have all reached or surpassed their crowdfunding target. These innovative projects have helped transform shared spaces to benefit the local community and we’re excited to be able to pledge to even more.

‘If you have a community project idea, don’t wait until the workshop to get started. The next deadline to pitch to AVDC’s Our Vale fund, where you could receive a pledge of up to £5,000 towards your crowdfunding target, is Monday 10 February.”

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