In the groove!

An Aylesbury music shop is literally getting back in the groove – by taking one step into the past.

Aylesbury Music is cashing on the new global passion for vinyl and selling vintage albums, EPs and singles, with a ready market available and a host of fans who love rummaging through boxes and shelves.

Co-owner Danny Prendergast said: ‘We are delighted at the moment on how well it has gone. We are looking at how to expand. It’s still a small part of our business but the demand is there and growing. Also, it’s such a fantastic thing to deal with.’

Music fans’ switch from digital sounds to a tangible product they can and see and handle has seen prices soar – the shop has a first press of The Beatles’ White Album in pristine condition, for example, which is on sale for a couple of hundred pounds.

Pride of the store’s collection is an original Beatles’ Twist and Shout EP signed by Paul McCartney – that may sell for £750 or more and dealers have shown a keen interest, too.

Also in the mix are soul, folk and classical collections, plus some golden fifties offerings from legends such as Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Danny, who stars in local fab four Tribute band The Dung Beatles, said: ‘We have about 4,000 albums and 2,000 singles on sale and we are now buying and selling collections. It all started when we bought one private collection and it’s gone on from there. I liken it to fishing – you never know what you are going to get.

‘I’ve been listening solidly to vinyl for the past few months and had truly forgotten how good it is. Digital is, by comparison, soulless. Vinyl albums are authentic – without being completely live, it’s as close as you can get.’

The Dung Beatles performed  live at the Waterside’s main arena on Thursday (26 September), where they performed a two-hour set focusing on Abbey Road, complete with four-piece horn section.